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This website is an effort to provide a platform to the tourists across the globe, to learn about many fascinating tourist spots in the district, to understand the best seasons and means of reaching, and thus to enable them plan their stay and visits effectively.

Backed by the district administration, this website is aiming to provide more and more useful details and assistance with every passing day to the tourists to make their stay in district pleasant and remarkable. We are also trying to invite eminent people with fluent knowledge of places, culture, customs heritage and history of the land to contribute columns that may provide insights of this beautiful mystic land to the tourists.

We wish we would be able to provide all the important information about the proud history, rich culture and enviable nature of this land through this website and will keep improvising to serve our gests even the better.

From Collector's Desk

Located in the southern part of the state Chhattisgarh, Dantewada is blessed with all the ingredients a hot tourist spot should posses to have. A silent spectator for the passage of time from generations, Dantewada is believed to be among the earliest inhabited lands of India that have the traces of glorious heritage even from pre historic days.

From the divine Dandakaranya, a land of penance during the mythological period of Ramayana to being the Adobe of Mata Danteshwari the most revered Goddess in this region, Dantewada have the most adorable heritage for exploration.

Being a prominent member of the erstwhile princely state of Bastar, Dantewada also inherit the rich tribal culture, and unique lifestyle filled with enthralling dance, music and colorful festivities, which only one should visit to believe

The soothening sounds of streams and waterfalls passing through the rocks and flowing in the lush green unexplored forests in the laps of the mother nature are awaiting to welcome the trekkers and adventurous travellers.

From the memory pillars of Gamawada to the glorious structures of Barsur there lies a lot to explore and understand the mystic land as a tourist, as a researcher and as a lover of nature.

District administration is committed to preserve the legacy off all the tourist spots and to provide better access to the tourists assisting them to plan and spend some memorable moments in this adorable land, this website is only a beginning of such sincere efforts. Please provide us your valuable suggestions and feedback to further fortify our efforts.

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